Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Junkyard Jam Band is the Perfect Gift for Tinker-ers! :)

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. All opinions stated are genuine and my own.

A book you can use to make quality items out of what otherwise might be called junk? Oh yes, I do love the concept, and the second I saw this book, I knew who it would be perfect to gift it to too!

Truly, this new book release is a wonderland for those who like to tinker. Take for instance this CPVC Slide Whistle that you can make. All kids love these things, and the instructions to make this are easy. The items needed are very likely sitting around in or outside of your house too! The person I wanted to give it to has two children. I knew he'd love it, because he likes to do things to make his kids (and his wife) happy. Building is an easy way for him to do that, and he's pretty daggone good at it too. ;)

The book gives you instructions and pictures too. It also gives you a nice little bit of information on the finished product. This is the kind of book that teaches the younger kids, and enthralls the big ones, and the adults too. It's the perfect gift for the inventor in your house. Watch them light up with delight, no matter their age, as they see their creations come to life!!

I think this is the kind of book that if jumps right out at you, if you know someone who likes to create. Do you have a creator in your life who might like to receive this book for a gift?

Junkyard Jam Band
A Guide to Building DIY Musical Instruments and Noisemakers
San Francisco, CA (October 16, 2015) — Eddie Van Halen, Bo Diddley, and Jack all created their own iconic rock sounds by hacking and modifying instruments themselves. These innovative musicians, along with many others, are the inspiration behind Junkyard Jam Band, the latest release from No Starch Press, which teaches novice do-it-yourselfers how to build 16 unique instruments and sound effects.

Junkyard Jam Band (No Starch Press, $24.95, 408 pp., October 2015) offers step-by-step, illustrated instructions for building standalone instruments like a wooden thumb piano, an Altoids-tin "turntable" that produces old-skool hip hop skritches and scratches, a PVC slide whistle, a Slinkiphone that amplifies a Slinky's inherent sci-fi sound effects, and even several homebrew synthesizers. With simple soldering and carpentry instructions to guide them, budding builders can create custom instruments to fit their musical style and taste.
Readers will learn how to:
  • Circuit-bend unsuspecting childhood toys into mutant chiptune beatbox machines
  • Build a crackling, multifunction preamp that will boost any instrument's volume
  • Transform a cigar box into an electric ukulele
  • Give vocals a robotic makeover with the Droid Voicebox
  • Make a racket with quick-build noisemakers like the Elephant Trumpet and Junkshop Percussion set

"When you build an instrument yourself, you can do it however you want," Nelson says. "This is a book designed to empower folks who feel like they have no DIY experience. When a kid or even an adult sees how easy it is to do, they can't help but start tinkering. My goal is to encourage readers to tap into their capacity to improvise—musically and manually!"

Readers of all skill levels will be soldering circuits and building their own roaring, warbling, bleeping homemade instruments sooner than they can say "Bohemian Rhapsody."
Junkyard Jam Band will be available in bookstores and online in October 2015.
About the Author
David Erik Nelson is an essayist, freelance writer, and award-winning science fiction author whose stories have appeared in Asimov's and The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction, among others. He is the author of Snip, Burn, Solder, Shred (No Starch Press).
Junkyard Jam Band
You can pick it up at Amazon for a very reasonable price.


  1. Oh, I wouldn't mind making some noise makers to pester away lol

  2. My husband loves to "re-purpose" stuff, so this book is totally for him.

  3. I can totally see my father in law owning this book. He would totally want to make a PVC slide whistle..I just shudder to think which one of my kids he would gift it too.

  4. What a unique book topic! So cool to learn and read about instructions for building your own instruments!

  5. This would be a great kit for musical instruments lovers. It's nothing like making music on an instrument you made personal.

  6. This sounds like a lot of fun. But I am not sure that I would ever let my kids get a hold of it! HAHAHAHA!

  7. It would be so much fun to make some cool musical instruments. This sounds like a great book to worth through!

  8. This could be a fun gift for the kids. Or at least to help the kids have fun!

  9. Our physics students do a project to make musical instruments and test soundwaves, I should tell our physics teachers about this book

  10. Where do you find this cute things that I never see anywhere else? What a neat idea to do something different.

  11. My brother is a wicked tinker-er and he'd love this book! He's always tinkering with something and re-purposing stuff!

  12. This is perfect for my son in law. He is a music nut - he can play 5 instruments. He would love to make instruments with Davey & Isa.

  13. My son loves music. I so could see him enjoying this book and enjoying making these items.


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