Friday, December 11, 2015

Get Out of Town and Experience Ocean City Maryland

Sometimes just breaking free of the norm, getting out of town and enjoying the beautiful weather somewhere new is all you need to recharge your batteries. Work, school and busy family life can be a drain on your body and your mind, so a small vacation is always a good thing. For whatever reason though, most Americans leave vacation time on the table and don't use it all at the end of the year. While this is great for employers, it isn't good for workers like you. You deserve it to yourself to get out and have some fun. What is someplace new, different and yet still has some great offerings for you to enjoy? Why not Ocean City, Maryland? That’s exactly what Matt Kaminsky of the does when taking his employees on a cross country getaway to enjoy some fun in the sun and build up team morale.

Why Ocean City?
Alright, so naturally it must be on the Atlantic Ocean if it is going to be called "Ocean City," but what makes it so great? After all, you are free to go to any number of other cities along the coastline. Of course that is true, but Ocean City offers something those more famous beach towns simply don't have. It isn't overrun with big named brands and everything that starts to detract from your stay. It is a popular destination spot for Maryland residents, and they know the amazing beach and refreshing water along with the sleepy town feel is truly spectacular. Have you ever gone to the beach down south in the middle of the summer? Feels like bath water. It isn't refreshing and it doesn't help with the heat. Ocean City has everything you want in a beach town, and the water is still refreshing. Not too cold and yet not super warm either. It is just perfect, kind of like Ocean City.

What to See and Do?

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The Ocean City, Maryland boardwalk is a must-see. You have your fun, locally owned restaurants and shops while you walk down the actual wooden boardwalk (made from real boards, not like other cities where it is hot cement). There is also a fun amusement park right along the side of the boardwalk. One of the best things to do is hop onto the ferris wheel at dusk. This way, you can see the city come alive and the lights start to pop on over the water. It is an incredible sight and it is also romantic as well. There is also a rollercoaster for thrill seekers and a few smaller attractions for people of all ages.
Plus, if there is one thing Maryland is known for throughout the United States, it is delicious seafood, and Ocean City is no different. You can sit on the boardwalk and dine on freshly caught crabs. If you've never had day-caught crabs before, there is just nothing else like it and you won't be able to go back to what you were using to previously. So, come for the fun in the sun and surf, but stay for the food.

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Booking Your Stay
Ocean City is not a large town. In fact, it has around 7,000 residents. Because of that, the hotels do fill up quickly, so it is a good idea to book in advance (especially during peak summer travel months). This way, you know when you arrive you'll have your room waiting for you and you can spend more time out and about and less time driving around, looking for an opening.
If you want to kick back, relax and recharge your batteries with a few days off of work (or longer), it is always possible to head on out and have an amazing time in Ocean City.


  1. I would love to visit here. I love anything to do with the ocean. Anything.

    Have a fabulous day. ☺

  2. Sounds like a nice little spot to go for a visit indeed

  3. I have always wanted to visit Maryland! It seems like such a beautiful, laid back state!

  4. What a pretty place! I may have to put this on my list of places I want to see.


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