Sunday, November 15, 2015

Stocking, Tights and Trouser Socks Galore!

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. All opinions stated are genuine and my own.

Hanes Silk Reflections Crystal Embellished Control Top Tights
Christmas stocking have become a big deal for us in the last decade or so. They are a fun place to put small items that you know someone is going to use, like or love!! We put staple items in the stockings every year (like candy!), and then we try to think of others the recipients will enjoy but probably wouldn't think to buy on their own.

Hanes Hosiery has a new Fall 2015 collection that features innovative styles which combine the perfect balance of beauty and comfort. Also this season they have introduced their new X-Temp technology and solution-based sheers, tights and leggings that compliment women of every age.
THESE are great stocking stuffers (for the ladies).

I like that you can get shapewear with a run-resistant technology incorporate into them. Nothing ruins a look faster than a big run in your tights or stockings. The Hanes Power Shapers collection provides a smooth, no-lines appearance, even under the slimmest of fitting clothing selections. These too, are ideal for putting in the stockings. :)

X-Temp tights from Hanes are designed to adapt to your body temperature providing comfort to you too, all throughout the day. They adjust to your body temperature and activity level to help keep you comfy and confident. They come in a variety of styles from core opaques to boot liners, to convertibles, to smoothing leggings that can be dressed up or dressed down.

And then there are L'eggs too. The new L'eggs Energy Tights combine health and well-being with fashion. L'eggs Energy delivers a true 'feel good, look good' combination bound to make everyone who wears them feel confident and look great. They have integrated a 360-degree Graduated Compression material to make them stronger, smarter, and allow them to last longer. And although I don't need to say it again, I will... these also make great stocking stuffers. ;)

L'eggs Energy comes in Tights, Footless Tights and Trouser Sock styles in sizes S through XL. They can be found for $7.99 or less at your local food, drug and mass merchandisers like CVS.

Any of the above would make great selections for the gals in your life. I'm thinking I'll pick up a pair of those leggings for my teen. I'm guess they'll be a welcome surprise (in her Christmas stocking), and a new type of product for her to try. :) Socks for the socks...yep, that's cool. :) You can find out more about the great selections by visiting the website, or looking for them in stores.

Have you tried any of the new styles? 


  1. Some fashionable stockings. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I think we'll stick with the small socks here, but ones with good support are great haha

  3. Those are really nice! I don't normally wear stockings but these would be great if needed.

  4. I've really been big on leggings lately. They are just super comfy!

  5. I love the animal printed it looks pretty in my legs.!

  6. I'll check it out and thanks for sharing!


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