Tuesday, November 24, 2015

A Special Day Deserves an Amazing Dress

Find this dress here.

When you're looking for an elegant dress to help celebrate a special day or event, JVS Dress is the place to shop. The formal styles offer the look you're after, at prices you can afford. I'm thrilled to find the two blue dresses you see above and below (in the pictures). That shade of blue has always been an absolute favorite of mine, but it's hard to come across when you're in the stores. The dress you see above is a beautiful chiffon that is backless. I think that would be amazing for dancing. I can picture the elegant twirls and dips right now! Check out the site to learn more about this amazing dress.

You can find this dress here.

The off-shoulder dress is especially gorgeous to me, and I love that it has a formal long-length to the gown. Who wouldn't feel special in a dress like this one? It's definitely one for standing out and still looking beautiful and classy. Like I said, I like that blue, but just so you know, these dresses do come in a wide array of colors.

You can find this dress here.

JVS has a great selection of modest bridal gowns to choose from on the site as well. I love when a dress showcases a bride's beauty the way the selections offered on this website do. The dress above reminds me of a fairytale princess. It's definitely one to get you noticed and make you feel like a very special bride.

You can find this dress here.

This one is my absolute favorite. I love the long bottom, the form-fitting top and the beautiful simplicity and style. This is a dress I would recommend for my niece who is getting married in July of next year. I think it's the organza that I like the best. In any case, I do like all of the selections showcased, but this one is hands-down, without a doubt my absolute favorite.

Do you know anyone getting married soon? Do you have a favorite from the four pictured here? Or did you find something else on the website that you love even more?


Denise Comeau said...

That first dress is amazing. I bet it would be flattering on a lot of body types.

Pat Hatt said...

No one getting married soon that I know of. I think I'm safe from dresses though lol

Grace said...

Those are all beautiful gowns and I love that bridal gown too. Simple but elegant.

Ashley S said...

Beautiful dresses! I'll be a bridesmaid in several weddings next year... I'll have to remember these.

Erika said...

These are some beautiful gowns. I will have to remember this if I am ever in need of a pretty dress.

Raijean of Swa-Rai.com said...

Super cute dresses, I need one for New Years this may be a good place too start.