Saturday, September 26, 2015

Label Those #BacktoSchool Things with Label Daddy!

Looking for labels? Label Daddy has got you covered. Whether you're searching for an assortment pack for school or daycare, or a certain size for a specific purpose, chances are very high you're going to find what you need in their online store.

I've ordered from Label Daddy before and have always been happy with the results. I've ordered more than just labels too. The zipper pulls we got a couple of years back were very cool looking, and ours have my son's favorite MLB team on the front and his name on the back. There were a good number of them in the package too.

The extra small labels right now, are my fave. They're machine washable and don't fade or peel (unless you want to peel them) so that means they can go on just about everything I need them for here. I put them right on the clothing tags the second a new piece of clothing comes in the door. It's a little piece of self-assurance that doesn't cost much at all to purchase, but saves me a ton of money in the long run (by preventing items from getting lost!).

My daughter-in-law likes the next size up for hers because she's using them on food containers and such for the daycare.
The designs available for the labels are awesome. You can go with sports teams, Disney themes, Marvel characters and more. I usually go for one of the popular characters or a team. With my last order I went for a basic icon label. I chose an ice cream cone, selected bright lime green, and put in my name. It's bright, cheery and will get the job done!

You can get packages with various sizes of labels included too. Those are great for back-to-school, camp, and things like that... or they're great to have on hand for the times that will come up when you'll need one. You can see from the screen shot above that you can change the color of your label and/or font. You can also go through the various designs to see which you like the best, and you can change the actual font type. So... pretty much you can just customize these 100% to the way you want them to be.  That's dandy. :)

Signing up for the LabelDaddy newsletter, gets you some pretty cool savings (sent right to your inbox) too. I get excited when I see a Label Daddy correspondence in my e-mail because I know what it means... Savings! Oh yeah, I'm all about cutting costs when I can.

We've used Label Daddy for a couple of years now and I've always been happy with the quality and look of them. It is definitely a brand I stand behind.

You can learn more by visiting the website, and you can follow along on Facebook and/or Twitter.


  1. That is neat that you can add designs, nothing wrong with Hulk

  2. This is such an awesome idea. I remember how this was done when I was going to school and it's wasn't cool at all.

    Have a fabulous day. ☺

  3. Oh this would be such fun for the kids stuff!

  4. We could actually use these for my father-in-law. He is soon to be 86 and currently in a rehab facility. We don't know if he can go back home or for how long, and we must label his clothes.

  5. I love that you can add designs. Makes it a lot more fun to personalize!

  6. I never send my kids out of the house with anything that doesn't have a label on it. Otherwise I would never get it back :)

  7. If you don't label your kids things, they may not ever be seen again


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