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EquiptBaby Bassinet #Giveaway

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I love to come across new inventions for baby that are cool, and this one definitely qualifies. With the awesome sun protection, this would have been great for our beach days when we lived in Florida. In fact, this would have been a game changer (since when the babies were little I took them only when the harshest of sun was gone for the day). Of course there are other reasons to love the EquiptBaby Bassinet, which you'll see if you want to keep reading. :)



Welcome to the EquiptBaby Bassinet Giveaway

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EquiptBaby offers the ultimate diaper bag for babies and families on the go. It's great for everyday use, an extended stay at grandmas or while traveling. No matter where you bring it, it provides you with enough storage for your families needs.

The complete EquiptBaby set includes the diaper bag, changing pad and a portable bassinet.

The bag itself is super light weight, an adjustable padded strap and has an insulated pocket to keep foods at the desired temperature.

You could also place your keys or cell phone conveniently inside it's secured outside pocket for easy accessible.

What's amazing of this bag is it's accordion design style. It gives you ample space to place in your babies necessities like diapers, bottles, wipes, toys or bibs. I admire how Equiptbaby offers their diaper bag and collapsible bassinet sold separately if you desire.

I know for myself and I am sure other moms will agree, you can't leave the house without grabbing that diaper bag. It' becomes apart of your daily routine before leaving your house.

These days, moms are on the go with their babies. From taking walks in the park, enjoying the outdoors at your local beach, vacationing with the family and even cheering our other children from the sidelines of their sporting games. Yes, there is lots to do in one day for a mom so being prepared for any journey is important.

eqbbassinet_0012 (1)

EquiptBaby Collapsible Bassinet is a perfect size when babies need their sleep specially when your out and about.

I can't even count how many times my children fell asleep in their infant carrier car seat when visiting family and friends. This portable bassinet will come in handy on those occasions. Since it folds up and can be neatly placed in any diaper bag all you need to do is give it a little shake and it instantly forms into place.

So yes, all you need to use is one hand which is awesome if your holding your sleepy baby.

The bassinet is made of rip stop nylon and will provide your bundle of joy coverage with it's SPF of 40.

Also, the attached bassinet cover will give your baby extra protection while in the sun.

Just simple place the changing pad into the bassinet and now your baby has a soft and safe place to lay.

The mesh completely covers the bassinet and will provide the airflow consistently throughout when in use.

When fully extended out this bassinet is 16.7 x 12.1 x 3.5 inches long.


Since this bassinet can be used as a temporary bedding solution when not at home, it truly becomes a must needed necessary for moms and their babies.

The convenience of having a portable bassinet at arms reach for moms or dads is a life saver. It's so light and portable that you could also take it from room to room as needed without the hassle of lugging in other heavy baby furniture.


EquiptBaby Bassinet retails for $70 and is available currently on Amazon.

For more information about this wonderful company EquiptBaby and the products they offer, please visit their website.

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  1. That looks handy indeed. The cat has something like that too lol

  2. I don't have to worry about that for a while yet :P Here's hoping soon ;)

  3. That looks like a nice basinette. I am hoping my sister gets busy making babies. Her clock is ticking and I would love to get her one of these.

  4. I love how practical and convenient this bag is - gender neutral, you can open pockets with one hand AND it has a portable bassinet too. It's perfect!

  5. How cool is this. I wish I would have found this when my granddaughter needed a bassinet for travel. We did okay, but this would have been better.

    Have a fabulous day. :)

  6. Mine it a * bit* to big to use this... but it would have been awesome when he was a baby... especially since we seemed to be on the road all the time preparing for Marc's deployment.

  7. That looks like one GREAT bassinet. When I was raising my Daughter, we didn't have things like that. I had a diaper bag that I carried all over

  8. That is a really nice one! How neat that it is collapsible. Would save a lot of space!

  9. My favorite is my baby carrier as it frees me to be able to shop, visit or run errands while making sure that my baby is close to me and secure.


  10. My favorite item is the baby swing because it keeps my grandson happy.

  11. My baby monitor is something we use quite often and probably will for quite a while.


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