Thursday, August 7, 2014

Sports Unlimited Watch in Comfort Giveaway

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I live in a sports-loving household. In person, on TV, in the news, online, or playing in the game... my family loves it all. Watching live though, is probably our all-time favorite way to indulge. There's just something cool about seeing a game play out right in front of your eyes. It's easy and entertaining to get caught up in the excitement. The only thing that could make it better, is comfy seats versus bench seating. Sports Unlimited has got that covered with their easy-to-carry Patented Stadium Chair. One lucky winner is going to walk away with two of them.

Sport Unlimited Watch in Comfort Giveaway

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  Sport Unlimited Watch in Comfort Giveaway
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Holiday Contest and Sweeps is pleased to work with Sports Unlimited to bring you the Sports Unlimited Watch in Style Giveaway. One lucky winner will receive a pair of
  Patented Stadium  Chairs (comes in a variety of colors). These amazing stadium chairs 
will allow you to never have to sit on a hard bleacher seat again while watching a 
a sporting event, school activity or any other event that limits you to setting on a 
bleacher indoors or out.

  This Patented "Stadium Chair" Stadium Seat is the best stadium seat in the country!  It is designed to fit virtually any type of bleacher, old or new, wood or aluminum. Stadium Chair is the most comfortable, versatile, longest-wearing, and top looking seat among all the bleacher chairs on the market. It's remarkable construction starts with a powder-coat painted tubular steel frame, covered with a fade- and mildew-resistant, easy-cleaning canvas cover.  It comes with Rubber non-slip skids that are mounted on the bottom of the frame to prevent slipping or scratching. This amazing seat folds neatly and travels easily with a attached tote handle.

 The back cover is made with a double fabric for strength and comfort.
This amazing seat folds neatly and travels easily with a attached tote handle.
 Versatility is what sets this seat apart from all other stadium chairs. Use your Stadium Chair on more then just the bleachers.  Check out the Stadium Chair Legs that turn your Stadium Chair into the most versatile seat you can have.

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must be 18+ years of age to enter. This giveaway will end st 12:00 AM 
(EST) 8/31/2014.

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for this giveaway. Sports Unlimited will be responsible for awarding and
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  1. We could use those. I'm getting too old for bleachers.

  2. oh i am def attest to the need for one of these....the butt just doesnt do it any more....

  3. They would come in handy indeed, save the butt a lot of grief lol

  4. Sound way more comfortable then bleachers

  5. Watch in comfort indeed. Excellent thing for games and such. Excellent.

    Have a fabulous day. ☺

  6. I bet Jason would love these. He goes to all the home football games here and complains about how uncomfortable those bleacher seats are!

  7. these would be great for parents that actually sit at their kids games... LOL, but I have a hard time doing that :)

    1. hahaha, Noelle! The first time someone hit my oldest on the football field, I jumped up and said, 'Don't hit him.' Hahahha I still can't believe that came out of my mouth. I've gotten much better.


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