Saturday, April 5, 2014

Redwood Etched Glass Bird Feeder Giveaway

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My kids and I love to sit on the couch and watch the birds come to our bird feeder. We have a tall & narrow one that hangs from a mounted hook on an ending beam of the porch roof. That particular location keeps the squirrels and other critters around here from getting into the bird food.  It works like a charm, but it's hard to tell how much bird seed is left in there because there's just a teeny, tiny peek window.  I would love to have a bird feeder like the one featured here that has such a big viewing space!  A big thanks to Bill from Holiday Contest and Sweeps for bringing the readers such a fun giveaway (and just in time for warm weather!). See his review below.

Redwood Etched Glass Bird Feeder
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 Proudly Brings You The

Redwood Etched Glass Bird Feeder Giveaway

2 - Lucky Winners will each win a Bird Feeder

I recently had the pleasure to review the Mountain View Redwood Etched Glass
Bird Feeder from QMT Windchimes and was amazed at the craftsmanship
 that went into it's design. Mountain View Feeders offer the natural beauty
  of redwood in innovative designs, producing pieces that are natural yet finished,
 elegant yet functional. The redwood, which is naturally resistant to decay, is contoured
 and embossed with a unique pattern to enhance your garden. The Mountain View
 feeders are also designed for easy use--to check or clean out a feeder, simply lift the
 roof! When you are finished, put it back and apply pressure to snap it back into place. 

I am pleased to say that QMT Windchimes has provided me with two of these
beautiful feeders to provide as prizes in a giveaway for two lucky winners. Not
only is the detail in the Redwood breathtaking but the etched glass will also leave
you amazed from intricate embossed designs. The winners will be amazed at the
different species of birds that this feeder will attract. Within minutes of filling mine
with wild bird seed and hanging it from our tree, the feeder became the center point
of attraction for Sparrows, Blue Jays, Cardinals and Robins. There is nothing that
brings Spring more alive than seeing these beautiful birds in your yard.

A Big Thank You To Our Sponsor

QMT Windchimes

The giveaway will be valid in the Continental Untied States and entrants
must be 18+ years of age to enter. This giveaway is in no way endorsed
associated or affiliated with Facebook, Twitter or any other networking
site what so ever. The giveaway will end at 12:00 AM (EST) 4/30/14.

Holiday Contest and Sweeps received a Mountain View Bird Feeder for review
purposes. QMT Windchimes will be responsible for awarding and the shipping
of the Mountain View Bird Feeder directly to the winners.


  1. Our feeders are nothing like as glamourous as this one - but we get hours of fun out of it. I am sure the lucky winners of these will 'waste' rather a lot of time bird watching and neglecting other chores.

  2. Just so you know you're at my show. And THAT'S the most beautiful bird feeder I've ever seen. Like a 5 star restaurant.

  3. the scroll work on the bird feeder trim...ours are a little rustic as well....

  4. I love bird feeders and used to have them at my other house. I need to get some here now.

  5. That feeder is a bird watcher's delight. I wonder if the birds feel like they are pulling up to a 5 star restaurant????

    I just read Blue's comment. Seems he had the same idea.... Funny.

  6. Wow that is one of the best I've ever seen

  7. Okay, I entered this giveaway. An awesome feeder.

    Have a fabulous day. :)

  8. What a beautiful bird feeder! It must be like going to the spa for the birds!

  9. It's pretty, but I probably will never get around to regularly buying bird feed. I might buy it once, the birds will get used to it, then when the bag runs out, I won't get back to filling it. As a result, I'll end up killing birds who had become dependent on me for survival. I'm not ready for that kind of responsibility.

  10. The feeder is a work of art. With the songbirds around it, it is amazing.

  11. That's really pretty! We don't have a big tree for a feeder just yet.

  12. Hi Rosey .. that is just delightful to see .. such a fun present - I wouldn't mind having one over here .. I might keep my eye open ..

    Cheers Hilary

  13. That bird feeder is super pretty! I'll be looking for one soon as our two broke over the winter.

  14. That's a very nicely designed bird feeder.

  15. I have been nagging my husband for a bird feeder for quite some time. I really, really want one. However, where there are birds, there is bird poop. Something the hubs doesn't take kindly too :(

    1. I wonder why we don't have that here. We get tons of birds. I guess the location (we've got it hanging from a porch beam) makes them fly in and fly out w/no time for a pit stop. ;)

  16. I love bird feeders! This one is so pretty!! =)
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  17. That's so pretty! I maybe can get a feeder now. We have 1 tree big enough. We tore all the HUGE trees down when we move. 1 was too big for the front, and taking up the sidewalk, and the other we just didn't like.


  19. thank you for the giveaway opportunity my sweet friend. Big hugs!!


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