Friday, February 28, 2014

Flintstone Kids Rockin' in Bedrock DVD Giveaway

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I loved The Flintstones growing up, it was easily my favorite cartoon, and I still love to watch it today.  I did not know though, until now, that there was a kids' version of the show. I'd like to see this one!

The Flintstone Kids Rockin'
in Bedrock DVD Giveaway
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The Flintstone Kids: Rockin' in Bedrock
 DVD Giveaway

1 - Winner get their very own copy of this DVD

Join the adventurous, ancient antics of Fred, Wilma, Dino, Barney and Betty; this time as the fun-loving Flintstone Kids! Whether they’re riding to school on a brontosaurus’ back, skating down the street on wriggling dino boards or just rockin’ out to their favorite tunes, these kids are growing up the Bedrock way. This all-new collection is a rock-solid choice for the whole family!

The Flintstone kids are the same prehistoric characters you love only younger (8-10 years old). Watch these fun-loving kids in The Flintstone Kids: Rockin in Bedrock, this 2-disc set is sure to appeal to every member of the family to enjoy together. This DVD Set was loved by
everyone whom watched it this weekend, from my 3 year old grandson right up to their 51
year old Grandfather. The Flintstones were a staple in cartoons as I was growing up and
I am pleased to know that the Flintstones Kids will carry on the heritage with my Grandchildren. 

This two disk collection will provide you and your family with over five hours of great
 entertainment. So lets turn back the clocks in Bedrock with this 10 fun packed  cartoon

Disk One
Barney's Moving Experience
Curse of the Gemstone Diamond
Dusty Disappears
Freddy's First Crush
Heroes For Hire

Disk Two
Poor Little Rich Girl
The Bad News Brontos
The Fugitives
The Little Visitor/Grandpa For Loan
The Rock Concert That Rocked Freddy

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  1. haha been a awhile since I seen the flinstones

  2. How fun! Recently I got my boys into Popeye. They love it! Now they want to eat more spinach.

  3. I thought i saw that show a million years ago....
    maybe i did, maybe not... glad to see it now though, i am sure broxton would love to watch it

  4. Now I will have the theme song stuck in my head all night lol. I used to love that show!


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