Saturday, December 21, 2013

Super Sunday Sync #67

Welcome to Super Sunday Sync #67!

There's a big ice storm headed this way so I'm pre-scheduling this post.  If you link up and I don't come visiting right away, it's highly likely our power is out (crossing fingers and toesies that doesn't happen, but preparing just in case). Thank you for joining the Super Sunday Sync this week.  We are so glad that you have stopped by!  After you link up, be sure to enter to win a Guest Host space for next week :)

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Rosey ~ Mail 4 Rosey

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the Mommies ~ Mommy Blog Hoppers

Rules for the "Super-est" hop ever:

1)  Link up a family-friendly post {or your homepage if it will always be decent} that you think is SUPER! Please do not link up another hop or giveaway.

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4)  Grab a button and put it somewhere people will see. We'd love for this hop to continue to be a big success!

Super Sunday Sync

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  1. Okay post tomorrow I think at my rink haha

  2. We were supposed to get this storm, too, but all we got was rain. Hope you escaped it's wrath as well.

  3. Thanks for hosting - have a great Sunday!

  4. I hope the ice storm does not create any problems and you will not lose electricity Rosey. Take good care and thanks a lot for hosting.

  5. Thanks 4 hosting this project.
    I wish you a wonderful and happy Fourth Advent weekend, Wieczora (◔‿◔)| my photoblog

  6. Hi Rosey,
    Thanks very much for the hop, am having a ball.
    I am following in all ways I can, from a brand new blog, so all visits and follows will be most welcome and highly appreciated.
    Thank you.
    I wish you and your family and very happy and blessed Christmas.
    LOve and best wishes.

  7. Hi Rosey,
    Thanks for the hop, I am having a ball.
    I am following in all ways I can from a brand new blog,so all visits and follows will be most welcome and highly appreciated.
    Thank You.
    I wish you and your family a very happy and blessed Christmas.
    Love and best wishes.

  8. Nice project!

  9. I hope you dont get a bad storm! We got about 3 or 4 inches of snow yesterday! =)
    Thanks for hosting!
    Happy Holidays!

  10. I hope you are all safe and warm and with power.

    Have a fabulous Super Sunday Sync. ☺

  11. Thanks for hosting.

  12. Thank you for hosting.
    Merry Sunday :)

  13. Thanks for hosting.
    Hope yall are safe and the storm wasn't too bad and hope that you still have power. We are on the warmer side of the storm so we are getting rain.


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