Tuesday, October 15, 2013


Disclosure: I received no compensation to post the following information. I am doing it as a favor to another blogger. I have no affiliation or experience with the company being discussed.

Tired of paying the full price on items this Holiday  Season,
Tired of paying the mark-up's on products that big chain stores
often call a "Sale". Then I have the solution for you and it's simply

GetFactoryDirect.com is a new online merchant that  saves you 60-80
percent on all your favorite products. When you purchase a item 
from a retailer you are paying for the original product, cost of each
buyers acquisition and the expected profit to the retailer.

Each step in the chain increases the end cost of the item,which 
you have to pay for!  By eliminating the middle man, you can 
purchase the same product at a much lower price.

At GetFactoryDirect.com you can get the latest trends in Consumer
Electronics,Health and Beauty, Sports and Entertainment, Women's
Apparel and much for less! Each week they add hundreds of new 
products so make sure you sign up for their newsletter to get exclusive
previews on exciting new products.
You ask how does this work, well ordering from GetFactoryDirect.com
is hassle-free and backed by its 100% satisfaction guarantee. They are
commited to providing outstanding service with an enormous selection
of the highest quality products, at the lowest price.

Once you place a order, their system notifies the factory and they ship
the goods directly to you! No Middle man, no hidden cost. Since the
product may be coming from overseas, delivery can take 21-28 days.
But with the 60-80% in savings,it's worth the wait!
So stop paying top dollar on your items and visit GetFactoryDirect.com
today and start saving. Christmas is coming and with these savings
you can afford to pick up that extra gift you thought of buying but
couldn't afford.

Stop by their Facebook Page today and see what everyone is talking
about. Visit GetFactoryDirect.com today and start saving on your
favorite items. Head on over to their Pinterest and start pinning some
of your favorite deals. Be the first to view their hottest daily deals by
subscribing to their newsletter. Simply Click Here to start getting  great
deals in your email each day.


  1. Heard of the site but never used it, may have to go for a looksy

  2. Sounds like this is similar to Overstock.com. Do you think we will reach a point that online sales put the storefront retailer out of business? I know it is already happening with e-books and booksellers. Do you see it spreading into everything else? Will we one day be ordering our groceries online because there are no more local grocery stores??? Hmmmm.

    1. I hope not. I want to see my fresh foods, not order them online.

  3. It is insane how much cheaper you cna actually get things. My dad used to order clothes directly by the producer...so much cheaper...well if you buy in bulks. :D

  4. This is so good to know. I am always looking out for ways to save money. Who isn't though?

  5. will be checking out this site

    knickgirl_3 at yahoo dot com


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