Saturday, September 14, 2013

Royobi Chainsaw Giveaway

Bill from Holiday Contest and Sweeps got to review this awesome chainsaw (lucky him!), and the results were fan-tas-tic. Keep reading below to see what he had to say:
with the help of a group of amazing blogs shown
below, brings you this terrific event just in time for
the Fall cleanup. This will be a great deal easier for
the lucky winner of this event using the Ryobi Cordless

RYOBI 40 Volt Cordless Chainsaw Giveaway

The masterful company of RYOBI has been kind enough to provide 
this amazing chainsaw to one lucky winner of this giveaway. I had
the experience of reviewing and trying out this product and I definitely
give it 5 stars. With fall coming this is the only tool you will need when
cutting down or trimming small branches or trees.It easily cut down
branches 3-4 inches in diameter with ease. There is no need to use force
when cutting, just set back and let the chainsaw do the work for you. 

After cutting 10 3-4 inches in diameter branches, I also easily cut through
some larger branches around 6 or 7 inches in diameter with no problem. After
all this work you would think the battery had to be almost dead, well that
is far from the truth. The Lithium Battery still had half of it charge left to go
as well as the oil was at the same stage. One of the amazing things about 
this saw is it is very quiet and light to carry. Other saws would have woke
up the entire neighborhood, not only that, your arms would have been sore 
from using a heavier gas machine or tugging around a extension cord from
the corded models. I love the tool less chain tensioning feature that makes
adjustments a breeze

If you're looking to cut downs large tree that belong in a forest than this saw is
not for you. But if you want a tool that starts in a second every time and is capable
of cleaning and trimming up small to medium branches around your house then
this should be the only chainsaw you will ever need for these purposes.

Ryobi takes cordless technology to the next level with the new 40V Lithium-ion Outdoor Series. Designed for the perfect marriage of Power and Convenience, this chainsaw is powered by a 40V Lithium-ion battery. That means fade-free performance, maximum power, and maximum run time. All backed by a 3 year warranty. The Ryobi 40V Lithium-ion Chainsaw gives you a great reason to enter the Cordless Age.
No more having to stretch extension cords across your yard or worry about running out of gas with this
top of the line chainsaw.

40V Lithium-Ion battery 
Quick charger fully charges your battery in less than 2 hours 
12 in. bar and chain 
Tool-less chain tensioning for simple adjustments

RYOBI 40510 Chainsaw Information Video


Instant Starting, and clean running - with no gas or oil required

Automatic oilier system and a tool-less chain tensioning system for quick and fast
chain adjustments

Wrap around-handle and 12" Bar

Ideal for quick clean up jobs and heavy pruning

EASY Grip handle and Guard

~A Big Thank you to RYOBI for their Sponsorship~

Holiday Contest and Sweeps Proudly Brought you this Giveaway
with the the help of these amazing blogs and sites.

This giveaway is in no way endorsed, affiliated or associated
with Facebook 

This Giveaway will end on 12:00 AM October 5,2013

Holiday Contest and Sweeps received a RYOBI  Chainsaw
to review and keep. RYOBI will be responsible for the awarding
and shipping of the prize. Winner will have 48 hrs after receiving
the prize notification email, failure to do so will result in another
winner to be drawn.
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  1. My Hubby loves his Ryobi! He has one that is called the farm boss! We don't have a farm but apparently the bigger the better ;)

  2. I need one of those saws. I have a few bushes and trees that I would love to just cut down and I need a real heavy duty tool as this one.

    1. My trees have grown over the power lines this year and I need to call someone to come and trim them...they're way too high for us to be attempting to get at them.

  3. Wow you're getting very manly today with the giveaway haha

    1. Gender discrimination! I know how to use a chainsaw (not!), but I do know a swell blogger gal who does. :)

  4. Replies
    1. I can think of some jobs for the fellas here to do. :)

  5. I have a Ryobi weedeater that I love. :)

  6. I love that it's battery operated - no stinky gasoline!

  7. I like the Instant starting and clean running with no gas or oil required.
    jodysis at windstream dot net

  8. My Hubs would love this one. He could use a new chain saw.

  9. Hello, I like that it has instant starting, and clean running - with no gas and oil required. This way I could use this one while my husband uses his gas powered chain saw. Thanks for a great giveaway!


  10. I love power tools they are so handy to have around.

  11. I wish I could enter, we are HUGE ryobi fans here those one battery tools are just too good, I have the drill,jigsaw,circular saw and sander, Jules has the whippersnipper and some all in one tool all working cordless from the same battery. Seriously awesome!! We have more on the list to buy :)

  12. I know many a men who would be thrilled to win this!

  13. we need a hedge trimmer... lol... and we keep looking at the royobi brand for all our yard needs...

  14. Instant starting would be nice as I hate the old pull chain on gas powered chain saws.

  15. I like the toolless chain tensioning system

  16. I love the no gas or oil required. I cannot stand the stink burn!

  17. i live on 11 and a half acres that is over grown with trees and this would be perfect

  18. My favorite feature of this chainsaw is the automatic oiler system and a tool-less chain tensioning system for quick and fast chain adjustments.

  19. great review. you can use the saw for cutting and the light for inside jobs i love this set quite useful set the ryobi name is becomeing a staple everywhere qreat quailty of tools i like everything about these tools from the size to the color.

  20. I love electric chainsaw for qualities, features, use easier, lightweight and appropriate for the lightweight home yard tasks


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