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A Big Welcome to: House Pretty!

Hi all!  This week I'm trying something new and different.  Because my computer use this week is going to be very limited (if at all), I have a great group of visitors sharing their wonderful posts with you!  I hope you'll take the time to read their posts, leave a comment, and visit their blogs (and follow too) if you get a chance! I think this week is going to be fun and I hope you'll join in. :)

The fourth visitor this week is Sue from House Pretty.  She is a talented blogger with a great personality, and I really enjoy the things she posts.  You can find her here:

Thank you for agreeing to post here this week, Sue.  Your kindness is greatly appreciated!

Hi, all you Mail4Rosey fans!  I'm Sue from House Pretty, and was shocked, and very pleased, when Rosey told me I had won a spot to come over and guest post on her blog, Mail4Rosey! 

When I heard the news, I knew instantly what I wanted to post on.  A subject I was going to post over where I hang out, atHouse Pretty, but you guys and gals are getting it first!

Auction Success Tips

love auctions!  My husband and I discovered the wonderful world of auctions a few years ago.  And, truth be told, auctions are where we have been purchasing most of our furniture!

There are a few tips one needs to follow, however, to make sure that the "deal" you are getting, is actually a deal.

1.  Be prepared.

We take this cooler with us, each and every time.  Why, you ask?  For two reasons.  For one, these auctions are usually held right around a mealtime, and we don't want to have to miss an item being auctioned off because we are waiting in line at thecanteen!  That and I'm too frugal to pay the prices at the canteen, for food which is not nutritious anyway, lol!

The second reason why we take this cooler, is because it becomes our "chair".  There is never enough seating at the auctions we go to, and many times we have had to stand off to the side and wait for someone to leave.  This way, at least our daughter has a place to sit until seating becomes available.  And yes, we started  bringing our daughter to the auctions with us.  We started that over the past 6 months, when she turned 5.  We are instilling in her the frugal way of life, at a young age!

2.  Know your prices BEFORE you start bidding.

So many times, there will be an item that several people will get into an absolute bidding war over, and they end up paying fullretail, or worse, over retail price, for something they could just to go the store and buy!

3.  Check the item out CAREFULLY, BEFORE you start bidding.

You know the saying, "you break it, you bought it"?  Well, your bid wins, and you bought it!  When you take the time to inspect it carefully, if there is a problem with it, so sad, too bad!

4.  Keep a running total of your $$ spent, as you are spending it.

Very important!  You may have gone to the auction with specific items in mind that you were looking for.  Well, then you get looking around, and you become like a kid in a candy store.  And you want one of those, and one of those...and oh, one ofthose would be so nice to have as well, if it can be acquired at a good price.  Next thing, you get to the cash, and OUCH!  I didn't really spend that much money!  Did I? 

5.  Also, make sure you have a vehicle at your disposal large enough to get everything backhome, lol! 

We have been caught a time or two ourselves, having to borrow a vehicle from someone to get items home.  Some of these items we didn't think we would even have a shot at getting at a reasonable price.  Until our number won!

Now, the problem I have, and the reason we started going to auctions in the first place is because I want my home furnished with good quality pieces, but I don't want to have to pay the retail prices for items.  Take this dinnerware set.

We were at an auction just last weekend, and my husband was the successful bidder for this dinnerware set (we were looking for another set to replace our set that was "losing pieces").  My husband looked it up online and all the pieces totalled $400!

We paid $30!

 I also want good quality, solid wood construction, but I don't want to pay what the retail stores charge for it.  Change that.  Most of the retail stores don't even sell solid wood construction anymore!  I know, because I have a BIL, as well as a brother, who work at the same furniture store.  When I asked my BIL (he's the salesman) how much we would have to pay for solid mahogany nightstands, he said we wouldn't be able to buy them retail.  They would need to be specially ordered from the manufacturer, and they would be about $800 eachOuch!   I told him we bid on, and paid $20 a piece for each of these solid mahogany nightstands!

There are a few spots where the stain has worn off, but not a problem!  A little touchup with a matching stain, which I had, and as good as new!  And they are h.e.a.v.y.  Actually, over at my blog, House Pretty, I'm about to do a bedroom reveal that I've been talking about for several weeks, but I came down with a nasty flu and it put me behind schedule.  Anyway, these nightstands will be shown, all "prettied up"!

I can't think of anything you could not find at an auction.  They have furniture of all kinds and shapes.  Dishes (I showed you ours).  Bedding (there was a brand new kind size set at the auction last week).  Gardening tools.  Mechanical tools.  Fine china.  Major appliances (we picked up a washing machine for our cottage a few weeks ago).  Craft supplies.  Really, the list is endless... 

So, the next time you are in need of a "new" piece of furniture, or even you have a child starting out on their own, who could use a headstart on setting up their own place with quality pieces, why not consider the auction route? You just may be surprised at what you can find!

There, that's what keeps me busy.  That and renovating our 45 year old home.  With a year old daughter!  Gardening, as well as working on my blog, House Pretty, and trying to get my Etsy shopHouse Pretty's,  off the ground and filled with products .  And yes, the name of my Etsy shop is for real!  It is a shop I am filling with hand knit items, for the home, and everyone living in it.  So, I just thought I would keep the name simple!  Or, I'm just not that original, lol!

 Happy Easter, everyone! And thanks again, Rosey, for having me!


  1. I've never been to an auction. I went to a storage auction once, but that is a bit different since you can only view the unit from the outside and aren't clear on exactly what you're bidding on (think storage wars), but it was fun.

  2. I've never been to an auction either and would LOVE to go one - the very word AUCTION intimidates me LOL
    But wow - what an incredible price you paid for those dishes!
    So nice to " meet " you Sue!

  3. Thanks again for having me, Rosey!

  4. Years ago we used to go to auctions. I don't know of any close to me... going to have to check that out. It was a fun time.

  5. Lots of great tips, haven't been to an auction in ages.

  6. Some great advice here. I've only been to a couple of auctions but have always felt disorganized and unsure of things. Thanks for posting this!

  7. Nice guest post! I bought my first auction items (2 crystal bedside lamps) when I was nine and have been hooked since! My tip: I decide my price I'll pay for an item I am interested in, and I do not go over that limit. I don't always get the item, but I stay in my budget that way.

  8. Great tips! I've never attended an auction before, but I bet it would be fun. I'll have to keep these things in mind in case I get the chance to go to one.

  9. Ive never been to a auction before, your tips are great! =)
    Im already a follower of House Pretty's blog, I enjoy reading your posts! =)

    Melissa @ My recent favorite books

  10. Beautiful nightstand! What a steal. I know when we bought our bedroom furniture from a furniture store once upon a time ago we could old afford one night stand. So on one side of the bed is one of those round bedside tables that I know still cost more than $20 after dressing it and everything. Wow again to your find. Thanks for the auction tips and I love that you are taking your daughter along.

  11. Those are great tips!! I've never attended an auction before either! Love the dinnerware set!

  12. What a fun post and great tips. I would love to go auctions like this and get some bargains. It's nice that your husband is into it too. I'm sure you make a great team!

  13. It is nice to meet you Sue.

    Thank you for sharing the information about auctions. I'm always afraid to do one because I'm unsure what to do.

    I imagine it would be the same online?


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