Tuesday, April 2, 2013

A Big Welcome to: My Adventures With My 2 Kids!

Hi all!  This week I'm trying something new and different.  Because my computer use this week is going to be very limited (if at all), I have a great group of visitors sharing their wonderful posts with you!  I hope you'll take the time to read their posts, leave a comment, and visit their blogs (and follow too) if you get a chance! I think this week is going to be fun and I hope you'll join in. :)

The second visitor this week is the blog author of My Adventures With My 2 Kids! She blogs about her family and her DIY projects. The link to her blog is http://myadventureswithmy2kids.blogspot.com/ and I hope you will pop in often to say hello!  The post she has offered (thank you much!) is below:

My Adventures with My 2 Kids


Yes, its here!!!! Finally Percy from Thomas the Train my son has been asking about all weekend and hubby ordered it for him on Saturday. He was so excited when I told him mail man is here let’s see if Percy came and there it was!!!
Now he can added to his other Thomas collections he has……


  1. How fun!! :) I love these pictures.

  2. I've always wanted to have a train set like that with the big track and everything. Looks so fun!

  3. So very cool. My son loved trains when he was little. :)

  4. Aw, this brings back memories! My son was obsessed with Thomas The Tank Engine when he was little!

  5. Awww, I remember when my boys were little enough that they loved Thomas. We even had a Thomas themed birthday party one year, but alas - they are 5 & 8 now and into much more "grown up" things.....

  6. What a very cool train set!! My Grandson is at the Thomas Train age now.

  7. i know "percy" rosey! really! my son when he was a little younger, he was obsessed with thomas and friends, that's why i know percy, lol!


  8. Great idea to introduce new friends to old friends! I'll definitely take the opportunity, I'm a social butterfly :)

    Have a wonderful week.

  9. My oldest son James LOVED Thomas the Train. He was a big fan of Percy too. Do you know the story of Percy and the chocolate? Somehow, he smashed into a train or something that was filled with chocolate and ended up COVERED in chocolate. lol

  10. Aww how cute, my older boys love train sets :)

  11. Those Thomas the Tank toys are a huge hit with boys! I just wish they weren't so darn expensive!

  12. Ahh yes! Boys stuff! They never lose interest, even when older :)
    Thanks for sharing!


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