Saturday, March 16, 2013

Last Day...

Today's the last day my Rafflecopter form is running for people interested in running one post here at Mail4Rosey (it can be recycled, something you had up on your own blog once, I don't mind that at all).  I'll put your button up on my sidebar for 30 days too, if your post goes up.  I've got a week or so in April that's going to keep me too busy to post but I don't want to neglect the blog or the readers and I'd love to have your work here for a visit post.

If you're interested, please put your name in on the form.  Names are drawn randomly.  Thanks to all who have volunteered to pitch in or who have sent well wishes, both are much appreciated. :)

The form is here:


  1. The cat's not sure he can be family friendly, but he's always up or a challenge.

  2. Rosey,
    What a nice idea. Have a great day!

  3. I would be interested in this! Ironically, I'm also looking for guest posters who would be willing to share their experiences with getting their clutter out, and their time back, lol!

    1. I saw it, but I don't have any de-cluttering posts to share. I didn't share it though, doh, I'll head back over now and share it. Good luck, and thanks for entering this too. :)

  4. Rosey, thanks for visiting my blog!

    I have also entered into the guest blogger raffle:)


  5. Hi!! Thanks for coming over to my blog. I'm here returning the follow. This is a fabulous idea!


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