Thursday, March 21, 2013

Free Blogger Giveaway Opportunity

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Sign - up now for the Honeywell True Hepa Allergen Remover Tower Air Purifier.
You will receive a free facebook or twitter link with announcement post.
Giveaway will begin March 29th and will be open to U.S. residents. Add to your contacts. You are invited to join the facebook group

Sign up HERE

Grab the Announcement post here


  1. Those air purifiers I'm not sure I trust. Last one I had gave me headaches and made the cat throw up.

    1. Seriously? Not you've got me curious, it's something I was considering for our house.

  2. Thanks for sponsoring this giveaway. I have heard good things about these things. I just haven't went to purchase one yet.

  3. This looks like it will be a great giveaway.

  4. I'll have to do some research on this now too. I have been thinking of getting one of these myself, but they have been a little pricey. I'd hate to shell out that much money and have our family get sick. Our dogs are very sensitive to all sorts of things. I hate cleaning up dog puke lol.


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