Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Things I've Learned in the Last 48 Hours

I've never done a "random list" on here, so I thought I would do one today for fun.

Random things I've learned in the last 48 hours:

  • Using the crock pot to make dinner will allow me to meet a deadline for school (way less time in the kitchen, and way way waaaaay less mess to clean up).

  • Even if I use a crockpot, and I have a deadline, hubby is still going to want me to serve him his dinner, "I'm about ready for that dinner now."

  • If I tell the kids, "Look, it's snowing!" while I'm standing outside on the porch, they're going to come running out w/o their coats on, to catch snowflakes on their tongue before I get inside (no matter how old they are).

  • If my car door freezes, I don't know how to get in the car!

  • My Kindergartner thinks it's extremely funny to watch mommy climb over the car seats to get to the driver's seat because she can't open the driver's side door.

  • When my kindergartner is laughing, stressful things really aren't that stressful anymore.

How about you?  Learned anything new lately?


  1. I'm picturing the scene of you all with the snowflakes outside. Love it! And that is TRUE!

  2. You know that is an excellent random list!!! You did good but I would LOVE to hear your kingergartener laughing at you as you are climbing over the car seat! I'm not sure which would be funnier..... ;)

  3. Haha, so funny! I totally agree on the crock pot. I guess something new I've learned in the last 48 hours is that my dog howls at the moon! Last night I woke up at 4am and she was howling so loud. My husband even went outside in the freezing cold weather to make sure she was ok!

  4. Yes actually. I've learned that people can be such snobs lately. The one you least expect it from says something & it's like a slap in the face. WAKE UP GIRL this is the real world. Dam shame I'd say! The other thing I've learned is it's 12/11 and I'm not done shopping yet, but I have to wrap presents first to see what I have so I don't over do. Better get cuttin!!! HAVE A GREAT DAY!

  5. That is so true about when your kids begin to laugh. I've never had the frozen door, but I've climbed over a few times.

    And you gotta share the snow. My son wants it so bad :)

    Love your list!

  6. Crock-pots rock! For sure!!!

    And as to that husband who has to be served... Ahemmmm... Come on fella, grow up. -chuckle-

    Here, my husband is the Chef even. I set the table. :-)

    From The Land That Winter Forgot

  7. I had to laugh because I broke out the crock pot today for the first time (yay me~ way to be late on that one!) and have a pork slow cooking.

    Not sure if we are getting snow this year at all. It's few and far between anyway but still..what's up with all this warm weather?


  8. I absolutely love my crockpot! Could not live without it. :)

  9. I've never owned a crockpot so I have no idea on how to even use it...
    As for the hubby, dinner is on the stove or in the microwave, go get it when you're ready..that's what gets said here in this household.

  10. Those are good thing to learn.

    What did I learn? It's finals week at the college I teach at. I learned that when push comes to shove the students that are failing show up on the last day of class to get things in. It doesn't matter how much they are failing. They think they can come in every time, and pull it out in the end. Luckily I only had 2 students failing. That's not bad! I also learned that if there are rules in the school; the uppers can break those rules any time they feel like it. The teachers were told to give their exams at 1, so everyone would know it's going on at that time. Well I had a tour walk through at 1:20 and the director of the school walk through at 1:10 to pass out papers to everyone in my class. Major distractions. I had to say something. Not on my regard, but for the students that are trying to concentrate.

  11. I need to start using my crock pot alot more. I have a hard time standing up in the kitchen for long periods of time due to chronic pain. This would eliminate asking other members of my family to help in the evenings. I'll have to see what Pinterest has that my picky family will eat.

  12. Great list! I'm so glad I don't live where it snows!

  13. Ah yes! The crock pot is my best friend!

  14. Anything in the crock pot is good, isn't it? Kids have the best laughs don't they. They can fix anything;)

  15. Thanks for making me laugh! I can just picture you climbing over the car seats...:-)
    Hmm, lets see..what did I learn today? Driving my 5 year old all the way to school only to realize when we get there (just on time) she has no shoes on..woops (don't ask)
    Have a wonderful day over in your part of the world! xo

  16. I can relate to not getting into the drivers side... when pregnant! Interesting list. :)

  17. Oh you make me laugh! I find it especially the pic of children catching snowflakes with their tongue and then I am picturing yours...way too cute! :D

  18. Love your list! Thanks for the chuckle!

    Happy Wednesday!

  19. A child's laugh makes anything better; love your list!

    Mmm, crockpots...time to start a batch of apple butter in the crockpot.

  20. Hahaha - my husband would never, ever, ever expect me to serve him. Well, not unless he wanted to spend the night out in the shed :)

    I use my crock pot a lot. My 8 year old has karate 2 nights a week and drum lessons once a week and they all fall from 4:30-5 pm, so it doesn't leave time to cook. The crockpot has saved me on many occasions.

  21. I need to make better use of my crock pot. It seems like everything I prepare to put in it - the preparation takes as long as cooking something on the stovetop. I just want to be done with it. Wow to the frozen car!

  22. Tell him he can serve himself! ;-)

  23. Love your list! My kiddos definitely get a kick out of watching me crawl over the seats too. Here in the North East it's pretty much a daily occurrence between November and April...lol!

  24. Gotta love that crock pot! And thanks to Pinterest, mine is getting a real workout lately!

    Frozen doors stink! We used to live in an apartment and every winter this would happen to me. When we started house hunting my only must have was a garage. I didn't care if we lived in a run down shack. If it had a garage, it was as good as sold lol.

  25. This was such a fun post to read! :)

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