Saturday, December 8, 2012

The Holiday Letter Shop (50% off Discount!)

We have a great new promotion with The Holiday Letter Shop. See the joy on your child's face when they open up their personalized letter. Even the most skeptical child will be amazed.  Or send a special message to to the special someone in your life. There are a variety of packages starting at just $9.95 all include a Personalized Letter and Nice List Certificate, some also include activity books, stickers, ornaments and other extras.

Mail4Rosey readers Get 50% off your entire order at theholidaylettershopcom.  Use the following Promo Code at checkout SLUSFG to instantly save:  #theholidaylettershop


  1. This is awesome and what kid wouldn't love to get a personalized letter from the big man himself?

    1. I never thought of it even, but when I showed this to hubby he thought it was a great idea. :)


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