Monday, September 10, 2012

Update - Vitalicious Review & Giveaway

New SuperSampler

Just a heads-up that the Vitalicious review I posted this month has now been revised to offer a giveaway.  Now you too can try the Vitalicious Super Sampler pack my family and I enjoyed.  Enter here.

New SuperSampler

Our classic SuperSampler, a collection of 28 of our most favorite flavors of all-natural, 100-calorie VitaTops, VitaBrownies, and 50-calorie Mini VitaCakes. Eat something Vitalicious every day! This pack contains:

4 Deep & Velvety VitaBrownies
2 Chocolate Mint VitaTops
2 Banana Nut VitaTops
2 Triple Chocolate Chunk VitaTops
2 Deep Chocolate VitaTops
2 Fudgy Peanut Butter Chip VitaTops
2 Golden Corn VitaTops
2 CranBran VitaTops
2 Apple Crumb VitaTops
2 Banana Choco Chip VitaTops
6 Fudgy Chocolate mini VitaCakes

Thank you, Vitalicious, and good luck all!


  1. I'm on my way over to the giveaway now! How exciting! Those all look so tasty!

  2. Yum! I better not enter the giveaway just in case I win. I can't be disciplined with something like that in the house. I would need one to arrive in my mailbox every other day. ;-)

  3. That looks so good! Craving everything these days! Better enter myself!

  4. wow, that's a lot of goodies. I am drooling already thinking about it.

  5. Yum! Those look great! I'm always looking for good snacks to take with my kids and me when we go hiking or running. Will check it out.

  6. YUM! I am going to enter this! My mouth watered just thinking about the fudgy peanut butter tops!

  7. Awesome. I hope you will add the giveaway to my win it page xo

  8. I would be interested in trying some of the Vitamixes.

  9. My daughter likes the vitatops and can't wait until the pizzas are carried in our stores. I would like to try the meatless supreme and the vitabrownies.


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