Sunday, September 2, 2012

Keep It Simple Sundays

Boricua Confidential has a regular feature on her blog called, "Keep It Simple Sundays!"

I'm participating, and you can too by clicking here.

I like this!  It's an easy (and fun) way to remember to:

a). Keep things simple
b). Keep the conversation with God flowing.

Thanks, Boricua Confidential!




  1. I really like this idea. I am praying that your prayer is heard. Looking for my post-it notes now. :)

  2. Great idea. Need to put that on my mirror for a daily reminder.

  3. Communion with God doesn't have to eat up much of our time. That's an awesome idea. I should join too.

  4. The second note made me stop to think: I'm often longing to be alone, but I never am, with five kids. However I do understand what you're getting up. And in the sense of always having someone watch over you, never being alone is good thing.

  5. Thanks for sharing such a personal part of your life! Really special!


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