Friday, August 3, 2012

Lens Circle Review

Well, who knew these were a hot item right now?  My teen and, that's who...  One of the biggest fashion trends right now seems to be temporarily making your eyes look bigger, and a different color.  At Lens Circle you can choose contacts (we selected the non-prescription version for fashion purposes only) that will change your eyes to any color you like.  My daughter chose these really great purple ones, and while I initially thought purple was a bit much, it turns out that they're really pretty! 

The lenses arrived to our home (and our jumping up and down daughter) in very sturdy packaging, and when we opened up the box inside, we were greeted with a few extra treats.  There was a pink contact lens case, a vertical cleaning vile to hold both contacts, and a nifty little bag for carrying purposes.

You put these in and care for them the same way you would any other contact lens.  They're nice and big, so they're a breeze to put in and out, and my daughter says they're so comfortable you can't even tell they are in your eyes.  What's really cool about them is they are colored, so you're not going to lose them in the sink (or anywhere else) if you drop them, because they're easy to see.

My daughter has worn them out in public (are you kidding me, she couldn't WAIT to get these out in public), and really has received a lot of compliments.  Below is a picture of the lens before she has put it in (on the left) and one after (on the right). 

Lens Circle also has a HUGE contact lens inventory on their site.  They have just about any color you can think of, and some designs you might never think of, like the following cat lens (on the left) or "I Love You" contact lens (on the right).  I know it's only August, but can you imagine the possibilities of using some of these designs to top off a Halloween costume?  They could easily be just the thing that would take your costume idea from good to great.

If you're interested in seeing the many colors and designs available, there are a lot of great pictures, some that are actually modeled (which is great!) on the Lens Circle website.  They have cosmetic lenses that are subtle; some that are bold; and some that are a mix between the two.  You can check out some good video reviews on the website, and just about any question you can think of regarding the product can be answered there too.

If you've never heard of fashion lenses before, I urge you to check out their site.  And if you have heard of them, now you know a really great place (with excellent customer service, I might add!) to go check them out.  I think the circle lenses are a fun way to change up your look a bit, and want to thank Lens Circle for sending us a pair to review.


Joy said...

So cool! I always wanted a pair of aquamarine ones when I was a teen in the 80's. Guess it's true that everything does come around again! :-)

mail4rosey said...

I didn't even know they were around in the '80's. That's hysterical.

leigh said...

Purple? but it looks more subtle than I thought it would - very cool.

Ronnie said...

I remember this trend when I was in high school! Except I don't think that the size or purple were "in". It's always to see how things change but stay the same. It's fun actually. Thanks for sharing. It reminds me that soon, my babies will be teens and bringing home trends for me to sigh about. Awesome article :-) too cute.

Mommy Roxi said...

Oh wow, they can come like the "I love you" design now?! Everyone's wearing colored contact lenses nowadays even if they don't need it. I mean for cosmetic purposes only. I don't think that's good for perfectly healthy eyes though.

Courtney G said...

These look nice. I'm so glad I don't need contacts, because I don't know if I could put them in. If I ever need help with seeing, I'll just have to go with glasses:)

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