Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Free Haircuts for K-6 at JcPenney

Good news!  JcPenney is offering free haircuts to all children in grades K-6.  Our son starts Kindergarten in the Fall and qualified.  We went and got ours today.  It was cute to see the whole salon full of pint-sized customers.  The women in our family usually get their hair done at the JcPenney hair salon, but I've never even thought to take the kids there...until today.  And the hairdresser was so nice to my little one.  The salon took great care to make everyone feel at home, and the kiddos were offered a lollipop AND a prize from the 'treasure box' when their haircuts were through.  It was quite fitting that they had a treasure box for the prizes, since my son just had to don his pirate outfit to make the trip (thought I made him take off the hat for the picture).

With all of the other expenses that go along with back-to-school, it was "shear relief" (yeah, the pun was intended) to be able to cross 'haircut' off of the to-do list...for free!  Make your appointment today!  Free haircuts are being offered for the whole month of August, but slots are filling up fast.


  1. How cool of them to do that! That's a perfect Back to School gift:)

  2. I work PT at their Sturbridge, MA store... glad to hear you had a great experience. There are so many changes going on at JCP right now. Between the new pricing and renovations... there is a rumor they want to implement iPad checkout too... not sure how that will work in, as they keep us Part-timers in the dark until the very last second. Your son is adorable, glad it worked out well for him and YOU!

  3. LOL..."shear relief"... You should patent that :)
    I wish they offered that everyday...

  4. what a super thing I <3 JCP!!! You sons cute looks very cute!

  5. Thanks, all. Spread the word to your friends and family. JcPenney salons everywhere are running the deal!


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