Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Cedar Point - The World's Best Amusement Park

Cedar Point, located in Sandusky, Ohio, is the world's greatest amusement park.  With more than 15 roller coasters, one or more of which are always on a World's Best Roller Coaster, World's Tallest Roller Coaster, or Worlds Most Extreme Coasters list, it is definitely a thrill-lovers delight.  There is a stand-up roller coaster, The Mantis; a roller coaster that goes from zero to 120 MPH in less than four seconds, the Top Thrill Dragster; and my personal favorite (though I love them all), a roller coaster that runs on an elevator cable so you zoom to the peak of the 310-foot hill, instead of click-clacking your way to the top...The Millenium Force.

The Mantis

There are also four children's areas, three of which are extensive, Planet Snoopy, Camp Snoopy, and the one I grew up with, Kiddie Kingdom.  We (hubby, little man, and I) visited all of these yesterday, spending most of our time in two of them (while the older kids went roller coaster hopping). There are literally so many things to do in these sections that there is no way you could experience everything in a day.

Kiddie Kingdom

There are also family-oriented rides, like a trip around part of the park on the Cedar Point and Lake Erie Railroad, an authentic steam-powered train; Antique Cars; or the Sky Ride that travels over the midway and offers riders a fantastic view of the park, as well as many special midway floral gardens created specifically with the view of the riders in mind.

Because the park is located on a peninsula, there are also water activities such as Wave Runner rentals and Parasailing that take place, or one can take advantage of the water-view and/or beach via one of several property hotels (which also makes it really convenient to go in and out of the amusement park at will).

We travel to Cedar Point every year, and did even when we lived in South Florida.  Each year they add a spectacular new addition to the park.  This year we were delighted to find the new prehistoric-themed attraction of Dinosaurs Alive! featuring 50 life-sized animatronic dinosaurs.  It was $5.00 a ticket per person (in addition to the admission of the park), but it was interesting to walk through and read the history of the dinosaurs, as well as see the grand visuals.  There was also a whole lot of sound effect action going on in there, let me tell you. 

We try our hand at the games when the day is over (because we don't want to carry the prize(s) around all day if we win).  Hubby usually wins a basketball, and this year was no exception.

Adding to our perfect day was the weather.  There was not a drop of rain in the sky, and the temperature was a little warm mid-way through the day, but for the most part it was just right. All-in-all, the day was a huge success, and our toddler is already asking when we're going to go back.  Ahh, a kid after my own heart.  Thank you Cedar Point, for giving us another fabulous day to add to our summer, and to my readers who live in the vicinity, and even those who don't, if you've still got some free time scheduled on your summer calendar I highly urge you to give this park a visit. 


  1. My son would go crazy over those dinosaurs! And those rollercoasters are pretty scary, haha!

  2. This is somewhere we've had on our list of family vaca spots for a while. You're making me want to move it up the list though. Maybe this will be our summer 2013 spot!

  3. Never been to ohio, but we will have to make this a family vacation in the next 2 years, looks awesome!

  4. Rosey... what a wonderful place! Although I am sad to say that I haven't been able to go on roller-coasters for years... Having kids really changed this roller-coaster loving gal! :/ Blessings to you and yours!

  5. That looks like a wonderful park. Once Samantha is a bit older, we will have to go there.

  6. I would love to go there! I hope my son loves roller coasters when he is older :)

  7. My DH and I grew up in Ohio. Day trips to Cedar Point were always the highlight of summer, especially during the teen years when we'd pile in the car and head out -- without parents! Our last visit, this time I went as a mom, I was disappointed by how dirty Cedar Point is. The bathrooms ran out of toilet paper (and my sweet daughter had just been potty trained) and we stepped in gum more than once. My young teen boys, however, could have cared less. All those roller coasters in one place -- Cedar Point is the park of any adrenaline junkie's dreams!

  8. I worked at Cedar Point and let me tell you I still loved it. Sadly I moved to Indiana, but still close enough to make it a weekend getaway!

  9. That looks like an awesome place to spend the day....or a weekend! My kids love places like this!


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